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Springdale's Choice for Professional Paint Correction

Unlock the full potential of your car's paint with our advanced two-step correction process. We'll make your car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor!

Are you looking to take your car's appearance to the next level? Our 2-step paint correction service is the ultimate solution. With two stages of correction, we can remove a wider range of imperfections, restore oxidized or faded paint, and leave your car with a stunning, consistent finish that's sure to turn heads.


What is a 2 Step Paint Correction?

A two-step paint correction involves using a dual-action polisher and specialized compounds to remove the top layer of clear coat and correct the paint defects. The first step, called compounding, involves using an abrasive compound to remove the majority of the defects in the paint. The second step, called polishing, uses a less abrasive polish to refine the finish left by the compounding step and restore the clarity and gloss of the paint.

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Enhanced Efficiency

A two-step approach enhances efficiency by prioritizing critical errors initially, resulting in a streamlined and effective correction process.

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Improved Precision

Two-step correction allows for a more precise and targeted approach to correcting errors or issues.

Superior Shine


Address up to 90% of the paint defects, including small/medium scratches, swirl marks, and water spots. This process can also remove the hazy appearance that can result from using abrasive compounds, leaving your car's paint with a smooth, glossy finish.

A two-step paint correction isn't just for correcting existing paint defects. It can also benefit brand new cars that may have paint defects from the manufacturing process, such as sanding marks, buffer trails, or hazing. By using a two-step paint correction, you can ensure that your brand new car looks its best right from the start.

Overall, a two-step paint correction is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to transform the appearance of their car's paint. Whether your car has severe paint defects or is brand new, a professional can use a two-step paint correction to restore your car's paint to a showroom finish.

If you are looking to sell your vehicle you can use our 1-step paint correction service to prep your car's paint for potential buyers. It removes up to 70% of minor swirl marks and scratches, leaving a glossy finish that can make your car more appealing to the buyer.

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Our Process


Clean Wheels and Tires

Begin by cleaning the wheels, tires, and fenders of your vehicle using specialty brushes to ensure all areas are reached and thoroughly cleaned.


Chemically remove Iron Particles

Use a chemical Iron Decontamination to remove iron particles from the surface to prevent corrosive compounds from damaging your paint.


Tape Off Sensitive Areas

To protect sensitive areas like the plastic trim, tape them off to decrease the chance of polish buildup or staining.


Polishing Phase

The next step is the polishing phase. Polish the paint to increase shine, clarity, and remove any minor imperfections.

Paint Protection

Apply a protective coating to the paint to add shine, depth, and protection. Check out our ceramic coatings page to learn more



Touch Ups

Finally, touch up any detailed areas like the emblem, exhaust, grille, and other small areas that may need attention.



Hand Wash

Give your vehicle a thorough hand wash, including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap, and bug guts/droppings


Clay Bar Treatment

Manual clay bar treatment to remove any remaining embedded dirt and debris from your surface leaving the paint clean and smooth


Compounding Phase

Machine polisher, cutting disc, and compound to remove swirls and scratches, preparing paint for the next step.


Surface Wipe Down

After polishing, wipe down the vehicle with polish remover to inspect the paint and assess its true condition.


Dress Tires

Apply a tire dressing for a nice matte finish


Wipe Down Glass

Clean side mirrors, windows and windshield using streak free glass clean


Paint Correction Pricing

Price is based on size, condition, and type of clear coat. Prices shown below are general ranges. Contact us for more info.

Ask about our Ceramic Coatings (2,4,7,9 Years)


(Miata/Mini Cooper)








Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ceramic coatings?

You bet we do! Our ceramic coating services are available in 2-year, 4-year, 7-year and 9-year options, at an additional cost, each with a separate price. Alternatively, you can opt for our more affordable spray coating option.

How long does paint correction take and how much does it cost?

The time and cost of paint correction depend on the extent of the damage, size and type of clear coat. A professional can usually complete this process in a day or two, and the cost can range from $500-$1500 (Ask about Boat/RV prices) Schedule a consultation

What’s the difference between your Level 1 and Level 2 paint correction?

Our Level 1 paint polishing will remove 60 to 80% of minor imperfections in your paint.
Level 2 paint correction removes around 90% of the minor imperfections in your paint.

At our shop, we offer both Level 1 and Level 2 paint correction services. Level 1 is a good option for most vehicles, while Level 2 is recommended for those who want the most comprehensive results.

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